A metal part refers to a combination of metal blocks


A metal part refers to a combination of metal blocks, m […]

A metal part refers to a combination of metal blocks, metal bars, metal pipes, and the like of various specifications and shapes made of a metal material. The metal parts are mainly made of steel and non-ferrous metals (or non-ferrous metals). The alloy of iron having a carbon content of 2% to 4.3% in steel is cast iron, and the alloy containing iron having a carbon content of generally 0.03% to 2% is steel.

The electronic density tester measures the density of metal parts very simply, and the measurement can be completed in just 2 steps. First, place the sample on the measuring platform to measure the weight in the air, press ENTER to record the data; then put the sample into the measuring table in the water, press ENTER to remember, the instrument automatically displays the density value.

The new metal part density tester is an intelligent fully automatic measuring electronic digital density measuring instrument. It has a wide range of applications and can detect the density of any solid form - density > 1 <1. Such as cemented carbide, fasteners, powder metallurgy and other metal materials and non-metallic materials, such as rubber products, plastic products, metal products, plastic particles, films, floating bodies, powders, foams, viscous bodies, pipes, plates , wood, sponge, glass, cement, gemstones, graphite, coal and rock, ceramics, etc.; all solid materials that cover water absorption and non-absorbency