Air purifiers are very popular in the modern home appliances


Air purifiers are very popular in the modern home appli […]

Air purifiers are very popular in the modern home appliances. Most urban people spend 90% of their time indoors because the indoor space is relatively closed. If there is no strong air purification product, the air turbidity is not allowed. contempt. Proper use of air purifiers can greatly improve our indoor environment to provide a comfortable home environment for our families.

In fact, there are certain skills in the choice of purifiers. It is necessary to select machines that have strong purification and adsorption capabilities, that is, machines that absorb more harmful substances per unit time.

The air purifier provides us with healthy and natural air, but if it is not regularly cleaned, it is very easy to cause secondary pollution indoors.

At present, although the functions of the air purifiers on the market are uneven, the internal filter screens are nothing more than those layers. The filter screens of different materials have different cleaning methods.

The first layer of filter mesh is generally colloidal cotton, which can be directly washed with tap water to dry. If the colloidal cotton of the product contains a sterilization function such as a dynamic sterilization chain, it is not recommended to carry out the rinsing when rinsing, so as not to damage its bactericidal function.

The second layer of filter is generally a HEPA filter. The main purpose is to filter some tiny particles such as PM2.5. No need to rinse, just use a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner to blow off or suck away the dirt attached to it. can.

The third layer of the filter screen is generally an activated carbon filter, which is mainly used for removing odor. Since this layer of activated carbon is not wettable, it is impossible to wash it. At this time, it is only necessary to periodically pull out the filter separately and place it in the sun for half a day. After about half a year, it will be exposed to the sun for exposure. The activity of the carbon itself can be restored.