Automobile parts are an important foundation to support the health


Automobile parts are an important foundation to support […]

Automobile parts are an important foundation to support the health, stability and speed of the automobile industry. It is of great significance to develop China's auto parts industry. However, at present, there are still many shortcomings in China's auto parts. If we want to change the current situation of China's auto parts industry with insufficient development momentum and weak core competitiveness, we must rely on technological innovation, starting from the links of materials, technology, design and manufacturing, and comprehensively improve domestic production. Technical competitiveness of auto parts. Electroplating technology is a necessary guarantee for the quality and quality of auto parts.

Auto parts plating is divided into three categories according to their functions:

(1) Protective coating: Also known as corrosion resistant plating, the part itself is required to have good corrosion resistance. It accounts for 70%~80% of the total area of 鈥嬧媋utomotive electroplating, such as galvanizing, galvanizing alloy, and lead plating.

(2) Protective decorative coating: The automotive industry has very strict requirements for protective decorative coating. It requires bright appearance after plating, uniform color tone and good corrosion resistance. The coating requires 5~10 years without discoloration and corrosion, such as copper plating. , imitation gold, copper + nickel + chromium.

(3) Functional plating: Functional plating differs from the first two types of plating, mainly to impart special physical and chemical properties to the base material, focusing on the characteristics of the coating itself. Such as lead-tin alloy, hard chrome plating, tin plating and so on.