Automotive precision stampings are metal stampings


Automotive precision stampings are metal stampings that […]

Automotive precision stampings are metal stampings that make up automotive parts. They are available in a wide variety of applications, such as spring trays, spring seats, spring brackets, end caps, closures, compression bonnets, compression valve sleeves, oil seal seats, bottom covers, and Dust covers, impellers, oil cylinders, lugs, brackets, etc. are all automotive stampings.

When selecting materials, automotive precision stamping parts first select metal materials with different mechanical properties according to the type and characteristics of automobile stamping, so as to achieve the purpose of ensuring product quality and saving materials.

The finished precision stamping parts are light in weight, good in rigidity, and have been strengthened due to plastic deformation.

It has high dimensional accuracy and uniformity with the module size, so it has good interchangeability, can meet the general assembly and use requirements, and can be used directly without special requirements.

The material is not damaged during the stamping process, so it can have a good surface quality. Then, if it is subjected to surface treatment such as painting, electroplating, etc., it can be conveniently carried out and a good effect is obtained.