From relatively small aromatherapy air purifiers


From relatively small aromatherapy air purifiers to rel […]

From relatively small aromatherapy air purifiers to relatively large purifying air purifiers, various functions and styles are also emerging, and the most popular is an air purifier with the ability to purify harmful substances in the air.

So why is the air purifier so hot? In our lives, the indoor air quality is very poor, the pet's hair, the dust coming in, the kitchen fumes, the fumes from smoking, the residual formaldehyde in the new house decoration, etc. It is the source of pollution. According to the main sales direction of air purifiers on the market, consumers are more likely to have air purifiers that have the ability to remove formaldehyde, and most of the households that purchase air purifiers are mostly used to renovate new homes. Odor.

However, the ability of the air purifier to remove formaldehyde is actually very weak. The air purifier of about 1,000 yuan on the market does not have the ability to remove formaldehyde. The so-called formaldehyde removal is actually using a layer of activated carbon filter to adsorb formaldehyde, but the adsorption of activated carbon is easy to reach saturation. Need to change the filter layer often, it is better to take the activated carbon charcoal package directly at home, although it is still troublesome to replace every week, but it is also stronger than the air purifier, and the price is also cheap. Therefore, the air purifier is used to remove dust, kitchen fume can also be used to filter and purify harmful gases is unrealistic, in addition to formaldehyde has to use other methods, Xiaobian said a few.