In the field of home appliances the use of old parts repairs is not uncommon


In the field of home appliances, the use of old parts r […]

In the field of home appliances, the use of old parts repairs is not uncommon.
Nowadays, the backlog of home appliance products is a very common phenomenon, but according to the Three Guarantees regulations, even the backlog of products will not prolong the time for the supply of spare parts to ensure the supply of products, so consumers once purchased these products, although in the third There will still be guarantees during the package period, but once the three-pack period is over, it will face the problem of spare parts repair supply. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the production date when purchasing home appliances. For those stock backlog products, they must be cautious to purchase. The manufacturer must promise maintenance support and write the relevant commitments in the form of text on the purchase invoice. ”

"Belonging to the paid service outside the three-pack period, appliance repair companies should clearly inform consumers that the old accessories can be replaced with the consent of the consumers." The person in charge also said that although the relevant regulations do not clearly stipulate that the company is Consumers should use new parts to repair products when they repair products. However, as a responsible company, they should be responsible for consumers. When they need to replace old parts for repair products, they should respect the right of consumers to know and let consumption. Choose independently. If the appliance repair service outlets sell the recycled old appliance parts as new accessories to consumers, it will damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. If the consumer accessory fee is charged without replacing the parts, it is suspected of fraud, and the consumer can report to the local industry and commerce department and file a claim.