Many parts of the car are made of plastic


Many parts of the car are made of plastic, such as bump […]

Many parts of the car are made of plastic, such as bumpers, front and rear fenders, air intake grilles, etc. are usually plastic. Do you think that the car companies are cutting corners? In fact, plastics are made for a reason.

The bumper we usually refer to is the outer shell of the bumper.

The outermost bumper shell is made of plastic, which is due to its many advantages.

First, the plastic bumper has lower requirements on the industrial level, which is convenient for mass production, thus facilitating cost control;

Second, the plastic bumper has an energy-absorbing effect, which can reduce the damage to pedestrians when colliding with pedestrians;

Third, the plastic bumper has a certain flexibility, which can avoid small bumps and reduce the maintenance cost of sheet metal painting;

Fourth, the plastic bumper is anti-corrosion and corrosion resistant and more durable than metal bumpers;

Finally, the plastic is more conducive to shaping, can create a more beautiful shape, and with the bright car paint, make the body more fashionable.