Stamping parts processing is around us we have become accust


Stamping parts processing is around us, we have become […]

Stamping parts processing is around us, we have become accustomed to it, but sometimes if you encounter bad business, the quality of our stamping parts may not be so good, then how to guarantee the quality of stamping and processing?

In daily life, metal stamping parts are ubiquitous. How to improve customer productivity and quality assurance is the core direction of Heju. To help customers improve their competitiveness, equipment and technology are indispensable. Metal stamping parts are indispensable in the following aspects.

With the advent of the mechanized processing era, the process of high-precision stamping parts has completely surpassed the traditional processing technology in terms of technology or precision, so many advantages and features are reflected in this process.

Advantage 1: The processing efficiency of the stamping equipment is high, it is relatively simple in the operation process, the processing precision is diversified, and the processing is strictly carried out according to the customer's drawing requirements. Combining the technical advantages in this respect, the process of automation and mechanization has been fully realized. Through the integration with the sheet and the mold, the advantage of tens of times per minute can be achieved in the stamping efficiency, so that the high-speed machining effect is also trustworthy.

Advantage 2: For the processing of high-precision stamping parts processing factory, it can not only ensure the accuracy and model size of the sheet material, but also improve the service life, so that the best technical effect can be achieved. Improved the performance advantages of interchangeability in this area and created the characteristics of processing.