The cars wiper is not used when its raining


The car's wiper is not used when it's raining, but it's […]

The car's wiper is not used when it's raining, but it's always irritating when it's used. It is easy to accident when it is not clear on rainy days. Many times, people should wipe it by hand. To solve this problem, you must understand why the wiper is not clean.

There may be invisible dirt on the glass or the car parked under the tree. The mucus secreted by the insect sticks to the glass of the car. When used again, the wiper is not clean because the surface of the windshield is uneven.

Pour the water on the windshield, feel the unevenness of the glass by hand, and slowly wipe it with warm water to smooth the uneven area.

The wiper that has been exposed to the sun and rain for a long time has reached a certain age. After the corrosion and aging, it is naturally impossible to repair. At this time, if you want to scrape clean, you can only replace it with a new one.

Clean the wiper regularly and wipe the strips each time you wash the car, while avoiding exposure to the sun, which can cause the wiper strip to age. Also pay attention to the muddy sand dust raised on the road stuck on the strip, first clean it, otherwise it is easy to scratch the glass.

It is generally found that the wiper is not cleaned. Most of them are caused by improper curing. The rubber strip of the wiper is rough. In fact, the rubber strip is not aged and hard. Just try to make the rough rubber strip smooth.