The stamping dies of the new era have a strong development momentum


The stamping dies of the new era have a strong developm […]

The stamping dies of the new era have a strong development momentum in the fields of new energy, automation equipment, medical equipment, aerospace and energy saving and emission reduction. Among the exhibitors of this year's Guangzhou International Mold Show, precision multi-station progressive die occupies the mainstream product position. Not only are the number of exhibitors and the variety coverage large, but the mold quality and technical content are also much higher than previous mold shows.

In recent years, the overall technical level of advanced precision stamping dies has improved rapidly, and its technical performance, manufacturing accuracy, service life, and manufacturing cycle have improved significantly. The overall level of a considerable number of high-end high-quality dies has reached or Close to the international level of similar molds. For example, the air conditioner fin progressive die produced by the company has a service life of 500 million strokes, and is in a leading position in China in terms of production scale and technological development. The developed 0.4mm pitch high-precision miniature connector progressive mold has a manufacturing accuracy of 0.5, and the smallest convex mold is 0.13mm directly ground to the mirror surface, which guarantees the thinnest part of the part 0.17mm, and the bending accuracy is 0.01mm and S shape. Bending and other high precision requirements. The company's motor core automatic lamination progressive die has a service life of more than 150 million strokes. The technical level and lamination technology have reached the advanced level of similar foreign molds. Specialized development of large iron chip progressive dies of 0.5m diameter produced on 400 ton high-speed punches, large precision block composite dies of 0.88m square iron chips with 90 rotations, and extra large precision dies of 1.2m diameter fixed rotor blades The production level and capacity are in the leading position in China.

Specialization has greatly improved the innovation ability of stamping die companies, and the technical level has developed in the direction of specialization, precision, excellence and strength. Many high-tech precision stamping dies and new technologies have emerged. It is reported that the air-conditioning fin step-by-step precision progressive molds to be exhibited this time can meet the fast switching production of 5 kinds of sheet shapes, have certain flexible production characteristics, and the mold level is equivalent to the international advanced level. The 37-stage progressive die of the lead frame at the exhibition, one die and three rows, punched 48 inner and outer lead legs within 1212mm, with a minimum distance of 0.12mm, and the flatness of the product was within 0.01mm. Its high-speed batch production performance and life are equivalent to the international advanced level, and have obtained structural innovation patents.