The wiper motor sparrow is small and complete


The wiper motor sparrow is small and complete, and it i […]

The wiper motor sparrow is small and complete, and it is a relatively complicated system. It is usually assembled from multiple parts such as a motor casing, a rotor, a reduction gear box, an output shaft, and a cover plate. Throughout his life, its main job is to deal with water.

When the wiper motor is working, the internal temperature can reach 90 degrees Celsius. After stopping the work, it will quickly fall back to room temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. The resulting internal and external pressure difference will draw external moisture into the motor and cause motor failure.

Therefore, the sealing requirements of the motor are relatively high. Generally, the waterproof level of the wiper motor is IP4K, and the rain test requires a flow rate of 15L/MIN and a water pressure of 400KP.

In order to ensure that the above requirements are met, all wiper suppliers will perform a 100% airtight inspection after the motor is assembled to ensure that the motor is in good condition. If you are conducting a supplier on-site audit, you may wish to pay attention to this.

The repeated "heating-cooling" of the motor causes the entire wiper motor to be in a negative pressure state.

The flies do not lick the seamless eggs. During the after-sales use, the waterproof function of the motor continues to decline, and eventually the rain will enter the motor from the weakest place.