The wiper system is one of the main safety devices of the car


The wiper system is one of the main safety devices of t […]

The wiper system is one of the main safety devices of the car. It can remove raindrops and snowflakes falling on the window in rainy or snowy days. When it is driving on muddy roads, the mud splashed on the front windshield will be scraped. The driver's sight to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Due to the limitations of the core component - the wiper blade itself is functionally fulfilled (softness: easy to fit tightly with the front windshield; noise immunity: reduce the noise generated by friction with the front windshield during use), its main functional components The material of the strip is rubber as the raw material. Since the wiper blade rubber strip wears and ages during use, the wiper blade in the wiper system is a consumable and consumable item. The recommended replacement frequency is 3 months to 6 months!!

As a starting part of an automobile component, the function of the wiper motor is not so large, and for the automobile, the meaning and value of the automobile wiper are relatively large. In bad weather, the wiper cleans the foreground glass, giving us a clear view of the road and seeing the road ahead. With this, the car wiper is worth using. As the power source, the existence of the motor is also necessary, and it is also the most important component of the car wiper, and it is the driving force of its movement.

Many times, we see that the wiper is shaking, thinking that the car itself is bringing power to him. Actually, it is not. It has its own exclusive motor, the wiper motor. This part is connected to the wiper blade, together with other connectors and fixings, and the plastic-wrapped outer casing forms the wiper we see. This is also the main composition of most of the current wipers. For the car, its safety and the cleanliness of the clean glass are the main manifestations of its value and significance.