When the car is open especially on very bumpy roads


When the car is open especially on very bumpy roads, if […]

When the car is open especially on very bumpy roads, if the window is opened or closed, some of the bracket components will overlap when the sunroof is open.

This shock is very likely to cause deformation of your bracket. Sometimes it will not turn off, you can't open it, or it will have obvious abnormal sound when you turn it on. This will also be a long-term life.

Water in the skylight will cause the rubber strip to age and the metal to rust.

In the rainy days or when washing the car, the sunroof is not closed. Acid rain and detergent will cause the rubber strip in the skylight to age and the metal on the side to rust.

The water will flow in along the skylight rails and will dilute the lubricating fluid. It is the butter we said in the local dialect. All of them are diluted. The sound of the window is "Zi Zai Lai".

The sun visor is not opened before opening the skylight, and the motor is easily damaged.

There is also an operational aspect, it is easy to let the sunroof lead in advance. Many car owners may have it for convenience. Just press the sunroof open button and the sunroof glass goes backwards.

Then the visor below is also brought directly to the back by the skylight glass. This is convenient, it is not used twice, and the hands are not lifted.

However, if this is done, it may cause the motor load to be too large for some models, and if it fails, it will be broken directly.

Winter skylights are frozen, direct opening may be damaged

After the rainy and snowy days in winter, there may be such small icing in the skylight, and the weather strip may be frozen and hardened because it is cold.

At this time, forcibly open the skylight, you will hear a "scrapping" and then "hey...", the skylight is opened.

This kind of work is much more complicated. On the one hand, the motor is the same as the previous one, and the load may be too large. On the other hand, the strip may be pulled down, and this will also be long-term.