Now the skylight is already the basic configuration of a car


Now the skylight is already the basic configuration of […]

Now the skylight is already the basic configuration of a car, but many people think that the skylight is not practical at all, but it is a display, but is it really like this? Experienced old drivers will use the skylights in the process of driving, not only can solve the safety of driving, but also have great benefits to the health of the car. If you don’t know, please take a closer look at the skylights below. 8 major functions and maintenance.

The speed of the expressway is very fast, and the windows are closed. If the air conditioner and the inner circulation are turned on again, the air will naturally become cloudy after a long time. What should I do at this time? As long as the sunroof is slightly opened, the negative pressure zone formed outside the skylight will pump out the dirty air inside the car to achieve the purpose of rapid ventilation, and the air in the car can always be kept fresh.

When the traffic jams, the vehicles are in a stagnant state. The air around the car is exhausted. When the side windows are closed, the exhaust gas inside the sunroof will be quickly discharged, and the exhaust outside the car will be difficult to pass through the sunroof. Enter the car.

The vehicle is parked outdoors, especially after the temperature in the summer car is exposed to the oven for a long time. The temperature rises rapidly compared to the oven. The fastest and fastest way to dissipate heat is not to turn on the air conditioner, but to open the sunroof with air conditioning, because the cold air is hotter. The air should be heavy, open the sunroof with the air conditioner, and the hot air will be quickly discharged from the skylight, and the temperature inside the car will be quickly reduced.