The skylight is actually a mechanical system


The skylight is actually a mechanical system, which is […]

The skylight is actually a mechanical system, which is composed of many parts and has a different life span.

Mainly the motor, the sealing strip, the control unit, the glass itself, the sunroof switch, as well as the sun visor under the glass, the baffle, and the sliding mechanism, etc., so a large number of combinations.

Motor design life is 20,000 cycles

It can make the sunroof can drive the motor on the switch, and its design life can reach 20,000 cycles. Fully open, then completely closed is a loop.

If we switch the window twice a day, we can use 27.4 years, and all of our friends are relieved.

Sealant strip design life is 17.8 years

A circle around the skylight glass, it is a sealing strip, otherwise the rain will leak in and the sound will come in.

The most used material for the car is EPDM rubber, which has a service life of 17.8 years at 25 °C. In the actual use process, the life of the seal is greatly affected by the environment, and the sun will also age.

The one that I just said is the design life. In actual use, there are also three or five years. There are also a lot of friends who have been working for 10 years.

Other components and vehicle life are the same

Other such components in the sunroof system, such as tempered glass and sunroof slides, are basically the same as the service life of the entire vehicle as long as they are not damaged by external forces and properly maintained.

The sunroof is a complete mechanical system, and most of its warranty period is the same as our vehicle warranty, except for that glass.

That glass is a consumable part, and most models only provide a warranty of 3 to 6 months. After half a year, it will not matter.